November 2, 2021

  • Operating Levy
    Shelby City Schools Operating Property Tax Levy was first passed in 1987, and has been renewed every five years since its first passage. It has generated $950,000 every year since 1987, approximately five percent of the school district’s budget each year.
  • Shelby City Schools is on the November 2 ballot for a renewal levy that represents a zero tax increase.
    • The emergency levy was first passed in 1987
    • This emergency levy been renewed by voters every five years since 1987
    • The renewal levy generates approximately $950,000 per year and helps fund the day-to-day operations of our schools.
  • The renewal levy represents approximately 5 percent of the district’s yearly operating budget.
    • Operating levies like this help fund what it takes to operate our schools on a daily basis such as teachers, utilities, textbooks, and supplies.
    • Funds from this levy renewal will not go toward any of the construction projects taking place in the district. Those are funded through the one-time funding supplied through the Rover Pipeline.
  • Passage of this renewal levy would provide a stable funding source for our day-to-day operations.
    • It will also help the district so we can effectively plan for the future and buffer against costs that are outside of our control.
    • Money from this levy stays in Shelby and it benefits the Shelby schools and community.
  • Failure of this renewal levy would place the district closer to a funding cliff in the future; passage of the renewal levy would help the district to avoid that scenario.
    • This makes it difficult to plan and make decisions for the future.