Frequently Asked Questions

Shelby City Schools has a renewal of an emergency levy on the November 2, 2021 ballot. This is a renewal levy that represents a zero tax increase to the citizens of Shelby. This levy helps fund the day-to-day operations of our schools. This emergency levy was first passed in 1987 and has been renewed by voters every five years since 1987.
None. This is a zero tax increase renewal levy.
The renewal levy will generate approximately $950,000 per year to help fund the day-to-day operations of our schools.
The renewal levy represents approximately 5 percent of the district’s yearly operating budget. Operating levies like this help fund what it takes to operate our schools on a daily basis such as teachers, utilities, textbooks, and supplies. Funds from this levy renewal will not go toward any of the construction projects taking place in the district.
Good schools matter to us all. They help protect our property values; encourage good, hard-working families to move to the area; and help to attract and maintain local businesses. All of these contribute to our local economy and our overall quality of life.
When local ballot issues like this are passed in our community, 100% of those dollars stay in our community. Local dollars, like this renewal levy, also represent a stable funding source for our day-to-day operations. Without this levy, we cannot effectively plan for the future and buffer against costs that are outside our control. Not passing this levy makes it difficult to plan and make decisions for the future. Equally important, not passing this levy places the district closer to a funding cliff in the future, which would put an increased burden on our taxpayers. Passing this renewal levy will help prevent the district from asking the Shelby community for “new money” in the future, which would increase taxes.
The State funds 613+ public schools, charter schools, colleges and numerous others. While we are very grateful for what we do receive, no district can count entirely on funding received from the State. However, we can work together within our community to help ensure the fiscal well-being of the Shelby City Schools. It’s important to remember, money from a levy in Shelby stays in Shelby and benefits the Shelby schools and community.
Shelby City Schools has worked hard to protect the educational quality for our students and keep costs down for taxpayers; a very good example is the two construction projects currently taking place in our district; below, you will find a more detailed explanation.
Shelby City Schools is funding both the PK-8 building and the athletic complex via Certificates of Participation (COPS), which means, the district did not pass a levy to fund these projects, which in turn, would have increased your taxes. Instead, the construction projects are primarily funded by the Rover Pipeline and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). The PK-8 building will provide up-to-date learning for the students of Shelby for many years to come at zero additional cost to residents. Additionally, by obtaining a reduced interest rate on the PK-8 facility, the district saved $4 million and put that towards the athletic complex project. Shelby City Schools is funding both the PK-8 building and the athletic complex via Certificates of Participation (COPS).