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How much will the Shelby City Schools Bond Issue cost me?

Did you know you're only taxed on 35% of your home's value according to the Ohio Revised Code 5713.03 and 5715.01?
—For example, a $100,000 home is only taxed on $35,000.
The following calculator takes this fact into account.

To figure an estimate of the proposed Bond Issue tax increase follow these steps:

1. Search Richland County Auditor's website by name or address
—Go to http://www.richlandcountyauditor.org, select 'Property Records' at the top, then select either 'Address', or 'Owner Name'
2. Select 'Current Values' on the left-hand side
3. For simplicity, take the 'Total 100%' value on the bottom line, which takes Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) into consideration, and enter it into the below calculator
4. Once you click 'Calculate', the calculator will show your yearly and monthly estimated tax increase for the Bond Issue
5. For any questions or concerns please contact Treasurer, Elizabeth Anatra, at 419.342.3530 or anatra.elizabethm@shelbyk12.org

Home Value @ 100%: $
Estimated Tax Increase per Year: $
Estimated Tax Increase per Month: $
For additional information or questions please contact Superintendent Tim Tarvin at 419.342.3520 or tarvin.tim@shelbyk12.org.